Prayer Infuses Grace

September 29th, 2017

PREVAILING PRAYER I Appointed You That Ye Should Go and Bear Fruit, and That Your Fruit Should Abide: That Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask of the Father in My Name, He May Give It You—John 15:16


IN the first verse of our parable, Christ revealed Himself as the true Vine, and the Father as the Husbandman, and asked for Himself and the Father a place in the heart. Here, in the closing verse, He sums up all His teaching concerning Himself and the Father in the twofold purpose for which He had chosen them. With reference to Himself, the Vine, the purpose was, that they should bear fruit. With reference to the Father, it was, that whatsoever they should ask in His name, should be done of the Father in Heaven. As fruit is the great proof of the true relation to Christ, so prayer is of our relation to the Father. A fruitful abiding in the Son, and prevailing prayer to the Father, are the two great factors in the true Christian life.


That whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. These are the closing words of the parable of the Vine. The whole mystery of the Vine and its branches leads up to the other mystery—that whatsoever we ask in His name the Father gives! See here the reason of the lack of prayer, and of the lack of power in prayer. It is because we so little live the true branch life, because we so little lose ourselves in the Vine, abiding in Him entirely, that we feel so little constrained to much prayer, so little confident that we shall be heard, and so do not know how to use His name as the key to God's storehouse. The Vine planted on earth has reached up into Heaven; it is only the soul wholly and intensely abiding in it, can reach into Heaven with power to prevail much. Our faith in the teaching and the truth of the parable, in the truth and the life of the Vine, must prove itself by power in prayer. The life of abiding and obedience, of love and joy, of cleansing and fruit-bearing, will surely lead to the power of prevailing prayer.


Whatsoever ye shall ask. The promise was given to disciples who were ready to give themselves, in the likeness of the true Vine, for their fellow men. This promise was all their provision for their work; they took it literally, they believed it, they used it, and they found it true. Let us give ourselves, as branches of the true Vine, and in His likeness, to the work of saving men, of bringing forth fruit to the glory of God, and we shall find a new urgency and power to pray and to claim the "whatsoever ye ask." We shall waken to our wonderful responsibility of having in such a promise the keys to the King's storehouses given us, and we shall not rest till we have received bread and blessing for the perishing.

"I chose you, that ye may bring forth fruit, and that your fruit may abide; that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you." Beloved disciple, seek above everything to be a man of prayer. Here is the highest exercise of your privilege as a branch of the Vine; here is the full proof of your being renewed in the image of God and His Son; here is your power to show how you, like Christ, live not for yourself, but for others; here you enter Heaven to receive gifts for men; here your abiding in Christ has led to His abiding in you, to use you as the channel and instrument of His grace. The power to bear fruit for men has been crowned by power to prevail with God.


"I am the vine, my Father is the Husbandman." Christ's work in you is to bring you so to the Father that His Word may be fulfilled in you: "At that day ye shall ask in my name; and I say not that I will pray the Father for you; for the Father Himself loves you."


The power of direct access to the Father for men, the liberty of intercession claiming and receiving blessing for them in faith, is the highest exercise of our union with Christ. Let all who would truly and fully be branches give themselves to the work of intercession. It is the one great work of Christ the Vine in Heaven, the source of power for all His work. Make it your one great work as branch: it will be the power of all your work.


In My name. Yes, Lord, in Thy name, the new name Thou hast given Thyself here, the true Vine. As a branch, abiding in Thee in entire devotion, in full dependence, in perfect conformity, in abiding fruitfulness, I come to the Father, in Thee, and He will give what I ask. Oh, let my life be one of unceasing and prevailing intercession! Amen!


Prayer Is How We Receive From God

September 29th, 2017

How To Receive From God


For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will receive it. Mark 11:24


How do we receive all that Jesus bought and paid for through His death, burial, and resurrection? Well, we know that faith operates on God’s known will. So first we must look into the Word, where we find it’s God’s perfect will for every person to be born again and healed. Next, we make a point of contact, which occurs when we believe we receive—not necessarily when we see our petition come to pass. Imagine a reservoir of water held back by a dam and a dry valley below.The two represent a “greater” and a “lesser”—a reservoir full of water and a valley that’s dry. If you were to open the spillgate so that contact is made between the two, the greater would flood into the lesser.


In the same way, our point of contact can be likened to “opening the spillgate.” The moment we release our faith—the point of contact—the greater anointing and power that is in Jesus Christ begins to flow into the “lesser,” our bodies, whether we feel it or not. God’s healing power begins to effect a healing in our physical bodies the moment we believe we receive. In John 11:40, Jesus said to Martha,“ I told you if you’d believe, you’d see the glory of God.” Notice He didn’t say,“ I told you that when you see God’s glory, then you’ll believe.”


Anyone can believe when he sees or feels something. But as Christians, we’re supposed to believe we receive our answer before we see or feel it, because we believe the Word. What else are we supposed to do? We are to say what we believe:“Thank God, I believe I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus.”Do we necessarily feel any different? Not always, but that’s all right.


Our feelings won’t change God’s Word, but God’s Word will definitely change our feelings when we hook up with Him!

Confession: Today I make my point of contact with God. By faith I open the spillgate of His goodness, and His healing power flows into me as I believe I receive!